Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving Jesus Away

I've been thinking lately about how I have this precious gift of Jesus Christ that is available to all, and yet I keep Him to myself when I'm not sharing Him with others. So tonight my precious Savior challenged me to give Him away.

I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. I was wearing a beautiful new necklace that I had received at a recent small speaking engagement where I talked about Moms in Touch International. My cashier commented on my necklace. She told me her 30-something year old daughter who lives out of state had just had a double mastectomy and is now undergoing reconstruction. She was glad that her daughter doesn't have to undergo any further treatment. She asked me where I got the necklace and mentioned she would really like to have one like it. We shared our pleasantries and I left. Before I got to the sliding door to exit I heard that still small voice say, "Give it to her." I smiled and chuckled. I got to my car. I took the necklace off and admired it. I asked, "Lord, what do you want me to do? Do you really want me to give it to her?" Followed by, "Lord, I really like this necklace. I've only worn it a couple times." Followed by, "Holy Spirit fill me, empower me. Speak your words through me to this woman. Let her be alone at her cashier."

I went back inside. There was a customer checking out, so I paced. Then there was just one lady with one item in front of me. I got in line behind her. The cashier looked at me inquisitively--I smiled and said, "I'm back." I was silently praying that no one would be behind me (there wasn't anyone), and that the Lord would prepare her. It was my turn. I leaned over and put the necklace in her hand. I said, "I prayed about it and I feel like the Lord said you should have this." She said "no, no, no." I said "yes, yes, you and your daughter need this more than I do." With tears in her eyes she asked if she could hug me. We hugged and with tears in my eyes I said, "I went to my car and prayed about it and this is what Jesus wanted me to do." She said she was going to call her daughter right now. She asked for my name and we exchanged names. As she thanked me I walked away pointing to the sky and said, "its from Him, not me."

In my car again, I prayed in tears thanking God. I prayed for my new friend, for her daughter, for the people working at Walmart; that God would multiply this gift to many.

I wish I would have asked her if she knows Jesus and explained that like the gift of the necklace that she received, she can also receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. But I have prayed that we will talk again. I'm praying that this small gift will point her to Christ, and that I will see my new friend in heaven some day. I am praying that this is one of many stories I can share of the priviledge and the responsibility of giving Jesus away to others.


  1. Praise the Lord! Jenny, your obedience to the Lord inspires me. God WILL multiply this gift. Thank you for sharing this experience. God's Word is true: It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). To God be the glory! :)