Thursday, December 23, 2010

Breath of Heaven -Hold Me Together

What a month its been. (What a few months--what a year.) This month has been crazy--every free day I've had while the kids have been in school and preschool, I've been Christmas shopping. I'm not much of a shopper usually. (I lack the time and money:) But God gifted us this Christmas as He always does with some financial blessings. So I took off on my sprees to buy my children the things they want and I would love for them to have. I also bought gifts for others, which I love to do. I can see how shopping can be an addiction. Even attempting to get the best "deal" is addicting. And though it brings me satisfaction to know my children will be blessed with a "good" Christmas and I have bought some really great gifts for others, there has been times its been so overwhelming to me just surviving the season and all the expectations that go with it. I know my struggles are a part of the human condition.

I have within me the desire and God's command to give to others, especially at Christmas. I teach my children to give away our money by giving to those ringing the bell in front of the stores, and to the family our small group adopted at church. We give candy to our neighbors, send Christmas greetings, and sing traditional Christmas carols. The season is wonderful and I see my children's joy. I want them to have happinesss, peace, and joy as all children deserve. I want them to understand the beauty of Christ's magnificient birth which led to the fulfillment of His ultimate sacrificial purpose.

There have been many times I've wanted to stop and write, but there has never been time. I'm finally done buying gifts, the children are home from school, we stay in our pjs and make Christmas candy and make-shift gingerbread houses. As I pause for a moment before I tackle the craziness of my kitchen and house and then get ready for more festivities, I listen to the words of the Christmas song, Breath of Heaven. Breath of heaven hold me together be near me, breath of heaven. Breath of heaven, light of my darkness pour over me Your holiness for you are holy. Breath of heaven...

As I pause for a brief moment and think over the past year, I have much to be so grateful for--healthy children (especially in light of my son being sick most of last year), children who are growing more interested in the things of God, who know who Jesus is, and who have the freedom to worship the Holy One. I have a husband who has a job and who loves his family. I have a house, a car, clothes, clean water and food. I have wonderful family and friends and church. And so much more. Even so the cares of life are sometimes overwhelming and are almost too much for me. So I am thankful for the reminder that my Savior, who was born long ago knowing that I would struggle at times--came for me just as I am to hold me together.

Breath of heaven hold me together be near me, breath of heaven. Breath of heaven, Light of my darkness pour over me Your holiness for You are holy. Breath of heaven...

I am reminded to keep my eyes and heart focused on the baby King, the Prince of Peace, the Babe born in a manger, in all seasons of life. Emmanuel God with we celebrate His birth and always.

Oh come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him Christ the Lord. May I truly adore Him. May I give Him all the glory. For He alone is worthy.

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  1. Jenny, I am thankful for the gift of having you as a friend. May God continue to pour out blessing upon blessing in your life as you follow after Him.