Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get Ignited

Definition of IGNITE

transitive verb
1: to subject to fire or intense heat; especially to render luminous by heat

2: to set afire; kindle; to cause (a fuel) to burn

3: to heat up; excite ; to set in motion; spark

intransitive verb
1: to catch fire

2: to begin to glow

Are you luminous from God glowing in you? Are you burning with passion for the Lord and His Word?

Many of us Christians are fat with the Word through small groups, sermons, and Bible studies--but there is no heat in us for putting it into practice--feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and actually telling them about Jesus Christ. If we believe the whole gospel, this is what we are called to do as Christ-followers. So how do we stir up this passion? Can we? How can we begin to glow for Christ and His purposes?

Our focus must move from us and how comfortable we feel sitting in our favorite pew at church; to Christ --who will move us out of our comfort zone. He will require sacrifice --remember the story about how he told the rich man he had to give up all his posessions to follow Christ? And how he told the man to leave his dead father without a proper burial to follow Him? What are you holding on to--your wealth, your pride, your comfort, your food, your anxiety, your unforgiveness--God will challenge you in those areas. When we surrender all of ourselves to Him--which is an on-going process --as we daily surrender ourselves to focus on who He is--His character, His attributes--we will know more of Him. He will ignite our passion for Him. And we will desire Him above all else and it will catapult us into action for Him. The only way that we are going to be ignited for Christ and His purposes is if we know Him and He transforms us. He will work in us through His Holy Spirit. He is our Counselor, our Convicter, our Guide. The Holy Spirit is what burns in us--who makes us alive, who compels us to act to go beyond our comfort zone on His behalf. May our hearts be ignited in Christ --may people want the Christ in us who sets us aglow.

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