Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Dream about Jesus Christ's Return

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning when my daughter crawled into bed with us. I realized I had been dreaming. It seemed like all night there had been this struggle going on in my dream. In my dream I was at Church. There was this feeling in the air that Jesus Christ was going to return tomorrow--the next day. I'm not sure how we knew, but there was an excitement and anticipation of His return. Perhaps we knew that all the prophecies that needed to be fulfilled prior to His return had occurred. Perhaps we saw some sign of the times--a culmination of events. But we just seemed to know or wonder. People were asking, "is He really going to return tomorrow?" I was anxious, curious, excited, questioning. I looked around the church and the people were doing what they do every Sunday--they were teaching, singing in the choir, listening to the preacher, running here and there, being active; and they like me, seemed to be caught between "doing church" as we always do, and questioning the urgency with which we needed to be sharing Jesus Christ with the lost, especially with His return upon us. I felt this great anxiety inside--I questioned, "if Jesus Christ is returning tomorrow don't we need to stop doing what we are doing and go out and share with those whose eternal death is imminent if we don't share the good news of His salvation?" Even though the Church knew (although without certainty of the exact day,) that Jesus was returning tomorrow, we still were unsure if we should take the steps of faith to leave what we were doing, what we knew and were comfortable with, to go out and share with those who are perishing.

I've never had a dream about this before. It is a bit overwhelming, perplexing, and anxiety-provoking. Why God has brought this to me at this time, I don't yet know. I am still trying to process it. Will keep you posted...

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