Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today I Met Eva

Today I met Eva. (Think Eeee-va from the movie, Walle.) I had just finished a much needed run at Sequoita. God spoke to my heart about some things while running. I wondered if He is nudging me to share the things I don't want to share --the struggles. I'm still saving that for another day. He also reminded me of something that happened at my son's baseball practice this week. The coach's son wasn't paying attention and the coach made him sit on the bench for awhile. The boy was crying and whining. (He really is a hilarious kid and its amusing to see his parents get frustrated with him.) His dad told him if he wanted to bat he was going to have to play the outfield and pay attention. Its a reminder, if I want to be a true player for the Lord and be up to bat I've got to play the outfield, where the real work is; where you have to be patient and attentive.

Anyway, as soon as I finished my run it started raining. I thanked God that I got to finish my run before the rain. I was waiting at an intersection and saw a woman walking across the highway to the median in the rain. I pulled up to her and asked her if she wanted a ride. She asked where I was headed. I told her I would take her where she wanted to go. It wasn't until she got in my car that I noticed I was holding up traffic. Maybe they all thought I was nuts for stopping for this lady in the middle of traffic. I was sweaty, stinky, and my car was trashed; but she was just happy to be out of the rain. I took her to a trailer park where she said she was staying. We exchanged names. She said her name is Eva and that I share her daughter's name, Jenny. She was very thankful for the ride. Before she left my car I asked her if there was anything I could pray for her about. She said I could pray for healing for her entire family; and I could pray for a homeless man in the area.
I was happy to meet Eva today. Our time together may have lasted all of 5 to 10 minutes. I wished I could have done more for her. It seemed so inadequate. Maybe someday I will see her again and give her a ride. Or maybe I will take a chance and go look for her in the trailer park. For now I will pray for her.

After our brief meeting I was overcome with the sense of God encouraging me saying, "See Jenny, I'm going to use you." Even though I struggle, am inadequate, and fail sometimes; He will still use me. What a priviledge for a wretch like me. Thanks God for Eva.

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