Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Husband is a Man's Man

I've wanted to write so many times lately, and its never a good time. I've been busy. My husband has been busy lately too--its hunting season. I've never blogged about Jason before. He holds things closer to the chest than I do, if you will. He's more private and I want to honor his privacy. But I also want to honor him today with thanksgiving for who he is and what he's like. My husband is a man's man. He has been hunting the past 3 weekends and I may have to hold him down for him not to go the next. He enjoys God's creation in the great outdoors, and I am happy for him to do so. He's a lover of all things hunting--and we have a full arsenal of guns, including the 8 pistols, rifles, and shotguns I've counted in our bedroom alone. Rue the day an invader enters our home. Please don't try it if you want to live. My husband is my protector and the protector of our children. He is strong. But not only physically. Though my husband enjoys hunting season and is gone on the weekends during that time, other than that and some brief work travels, my husband is at home with his family. He prefers to spend time with our children and with me. He plays with the kids, he reads books to them, he teaches them things, he eats dinner with us every night, tucks the kids in bed every night, and he prays with them. He is loving and unafraid to show affection. He is available to his children and to me. He cares about what his family thinks and feels. Needless to say, he is smart:) He can fix things. Today he changed my flat tire and put the spare on with ease. He corrected my iphone and got all my information back I'd somehow lost--all my contacts, music, hundreds of pictures... Jason is a hard worker. He grew up on his own you might say, and he has pretty much taught himself everything he knows, which is a whole lot.

My husband and I have our differences, like any good marriage does. I don't always appreciate him, nor him me. But God knew that a man's man is what I needed. He knew I needed a man who wouldn't buckle under pressure, who would stand his ground (though I sometimes wish he wouldn't:), who would think things through (even though it tries my patience at times since I tend to be a little bit on the impatient and impulsive side:); who knows how to change a tire, oil, or any other mechanical type thing on a car or machine; who can fix stuff; who has a lot of common sense; who appreciates the great outdoors; who is slow to anger; who deals lovingly with our children; and who will listen to me (even if he doesn't always get where I'm coming from.)

Thanks hon. I love you.

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